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A comic about two girls, death, and an angel with a desk job. This comic isn't true to anything I took inspiration from, which is kind of the point, really. Contains swearing and weirdness. I was sick for a year and my health still sucks, so that complicates things.



Thank you guys for not mass-unfaving this comic! xD

But yeah, I've got mono. That means I'm insanely tired all the time, but it also means I ain't got nothing permanent and that this comic will be back when I can think straight again. Thanks for you patience. Really.

posted by Cropcircledesigner @ January 8th, 2010, 9:16 am  -  3 comments

Replies + the state of things

Thank you all for your support and patience. Mayor edit to when I first wrote this journal: I'm updating again! xD

Now for the replies to those who commented on my previous news post:
@Walkedaway: Ugh, totally! xD And when you DO have everything figured out, you wind up changing your mind about some detail, and none of it makes sense anymore!

@U_queen: Fun is not my only reason for making this comic, I'm also training my persistence because I might want to be a pro someday (: That's why I'm semi-obliging myself: I want to learn!

@GRENZENLOS: I actually think in that term ("to draw past something") so it totally makes sense! xD And I'll try to. My main problem is that the plot got kinda messed up in my head (I took on too many characters that all need their time in the sunshine) but it should be fixable. I'm not restarting because in a few months I'll feel the same way about the restarted pages as I currently feel about the old ones.

@ 3o-s-knight: Alright! (: Fillers are always bit of a bummer, I agree, but I understand the urge to post something to make up for not being there (especially now that I'm not). But hopefully this shit will pass.

@ Molly-sama: I hope it won't be necessary, since I'm already taking an (involuntary) break I hope to come back with new ideas and energy! (beta-reader?)

posted by Cropcircledesigner @ December 2nd, 2009, 1:57 pm  -  2 comments

For those who read the news

Earlier this week I was thinking of stopping Lilith because I am fucking dissatisfied with... a lot. The story build-up makes little to no sense and I have to start thumbnail-ing my pages or they will never connect. But quitting would be too drastic. I'm not sure what measures I will take but I will hopefully manage to improve this thing.

Which just makes me late. And I haven't got any fillers so I have to post this here and find out who reads the news.

I'm sick, you see. I have to use the little energy I have to study for my make-up tests and after I've done that I'm too weak to draw. I'm not sure what's happening to me but it'll hopefully get better soon and when it does I'll get back to work.

Thanks for bearing with me and have a nice day (or night or whatever it is you're having).

posted by Cropcircledesigner @ November 25th, 2009, 2:30 pm  -  5 comments

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