Lilith: Rational, kind, hot-headed, proud.
Centuries of being 19 haven't really cooled her temper, but she has traded some of her stubborness for sense. She keeps a distance from the people she meets and makes her way through life by accepting her situation and finding things to occupy herself with, whether she's writing 'historic novels', getting a job, collecting junk or hanging out with what she considers interesting people. Quite a lot has happened in her life, but the most notable thing remains that she was Death's girlfriend. Sortof.
She's a redhead, but dyes her hair to make it even redder.

Samael: Insecure, kind, (overly) responsible, submissive, empathic.
The reaper, but friends call him Sam. He usually does his job well in spite of his guilt. He tends to feel the weight of the world is on his shoulders, but because his ego is the size of a pea he won't turn that into a God-complex. He often tries to do something nice for a dead person's family to feel a bit better about what he does.
Since there's not much to like about a walking skeleton, his sweet personality did all the work to get Lilith to like him, though she has often yelled at him for not standing up for himself (not helping much, obviously).

Priss: Pessimistic, smart, thinker.
She doesn't talk much and has no idea what to do with her life (aside from being the straight A ballerina her mother wants her to be), so the logical step would be make a nice medicine cabinet cocktail and get it over with. When it turns out Death has more important business to attend to, she is not pleased.

Hades: Straightforward (blunt), level-headed, opportunist, optimistic.
A wingless angel that has come to terms with having to spend all eternity doing Death's paperwork, though it's as useless as it is boring. He isn't the type of person that tries to be liked, but still seems charismatic.

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